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We take the intimidation & confusion out of joining the gym for the first time.


Growing up, I was quite overweight.


Having other kids rub my tummy, my friends or family making little comments, or not fitting into normal clothes made me feel insecure, unhappy and lacking any confidence.



This experience shaped how I viewed myself – basing my identity purely on the way I looked.


When I attempted to do something about my appearance and join the gym, I was met with all sorts of challenges and barriers.


Whether it was being manipulated by pushy membership consultants,  feeling intimidated and insecure, or having no idea about the right exercises or technique, I struggled to stay consistent and on track.


It took several years of deciphering my way through countless blogs, trial and error, or watching hundreds of YouTube videos,  but I finally found some confidence in the gym.



10 years of gym experience, 5 years fitness coaching and a sport science degree later, my passion lies in helping people navigate the transition between ‘wanting’ to join a gym for the first time and actually making this aspiration a reality.



I grew up as the youngest child of a high achieving, proud basketball family of four boys. But a debilitating operation at 14 years of age saw me sidelined for several months.


I wasn’t used to feeling overweight and overwhelmed, or puffing and panting after one small flight of stairs.


Fortunately, one of my brothers was working as a personal trainer and took the time to show me the fundamental, functional exercises gym exercises and movements in a non-intimidating, home environment.


He helped me to see past the glitz and glam of the fitness industry and gave me a no-nonsense into how to set out a fitness plan and achieve it.


This gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to eventually join a gym myself.



I was now able to train independently and manage my own health and fitness. I fully recovered from my operation, made several representative teams and created strength and fitness to help me avoid any further sidelining injuries.


I have since studied and achieved my bachelor & masters in exercise science,  worked as a group fitness trainer and am a passionate believer in helping others kick-start their fitness journey and join their first gym.



Dan & Pat started comparing their stories.


They noticed that getting your fitness journey started the right way and joining the gym can either be a very positive, or negative experience based on the support and expertise around you.


In Dan’s experience, he faced mixed information, expensive upfront commitments and pushy membership consultants which became stressful barriers to achieving his goals.


Whereas in Pat’s experience, he was taken under his brother’s wing, given trustworthy and reputable advice, and thus thrived and had a very positive experience.


At Get Gym Fit, we believe that the world is at it’s best when people have access to reliable information from experts they trust.

In the fitness industry, rather than relying on fundamental facts, there is instead a lot of misinformation and a tendency towards trends and fads…

fitness fads

“Lose 20kg in 20 days with ‘X’ supplement or program”


“Add 15cm to your biceps with this ‘X’ exercise”


With information and claims like these from so called ‘experts’, we can understand hard it can be to get started on your fitness journey or trust anyone in it.


Our vision is to help take the confusion & intimidation out of joining and getting started in a gym for the first time. 

We help you establish the skill set, engrain the habits and give you the confidence you need to make this ambition a reality.


So what do we actually do?

We provide information that leads you towards joining a gym you love and keep coming back to.

And this is how we do it..

Home Workouts

The beauty in working out from home is that you can start right away.


We provide free, practical content  such as workout plans and explanation videos to get you started from the comfort of your living room.


This will enable you to grow your confidence and improve your movement, starting today.

Trustworthy Information

Grow your knowledge of the gym and fitness, based on reputable information contained within our blogs.


Sure, it’s great to know ‘what to do’, but understanding ‘why’ provides a fitness foundation and insight that lasts a lifetime.


We want to be your sounding board and support, breaking down any misinformation or fitness fads.


Gym Reviews

Which gym is right for me? Are there any upfront costs? How do I know if i can trust these trainers?


It’s totally normal to have a long list of questions when figuring out which gym to join.


We take all the guesswork out of it. We provide insightful, honest reviews of local gyms and facilities to make sure our visitors join a gym that’s the right fit for them.