Compare Gym Membership Prices

You’re ready to take that leap of faith, join a local gym, and start taking your fitness & health far more seriously.

But how much do gym memberships cost?  Which gym is right for me? Does my local gym offer classes or 24-hour access?

All this – and more – will be answered today in this ultimate comparison of gym chains resource.

Here’s a gym comparison table to immediately address some of your burning questions and get you thinking about what’s going to work for you.

We help fitness beginners overcome gym intimidation, sign up for their first membership and start working out with weights properly so they can achieve ongoing results with their body.


Gym Price/Wk Sign Up Fee 24/7? Classes?
Snap Fitness $12.95+ ~ $59.00 Yes Limited
Zap Fitness $9.95 – $14.95 $69.00 Yes Limited
Plus Fitness $13.95 + $78 – $128 Yes Limited
Jetts Fitness $14.95 $89 + $79 (for fob) Yes Limited
Anytime Fitness $14.98 – $20.95 $99 + $69.95 (for fob) Yes Limited
Club Lime $9.95 – $22.00 $59.00 Most Yes
Crunch Fitness $9.95 – $19.99 Up to $99  No Yes
Fitness First $17.00 + $99.00 No  Yes
Goodlife Health Clubs $13.95 – $27.99 $99.00 Most Yes
Genesis Fitness $9.95 – $20.00 $99.00 Some Yes
South Pacific Health Clubs $19.95 – $37.00 Up to $199.00 Most Yes
Curves Gym $13.70  $149.95 No Yes
YMCA ~ $18.00 – $28.00 Varies No Yes
Fernwood Fitness $22.00 $199.00 Some Yes
OrangeTheory $54.50 No No Yes
Crossfit Gyms ~$50.00 – $70.00 Usually no Usually no Yes
12RND Fitness $59.00 No No Yes
Body Fit Training $65.00 No No Yes
F45 Training ~ $65.00 No No Yes

* PLEASE NOTE: The prices and information shown in this article should be viewed as a general guide only – prices can vary depending on location, how long you commit for, promotions and can also change over time. We do our best to ensure our content is up to date, however, you should always confirm prices and membership details before signing up.


These gyms give you general access to their facility only. They are limited in group fitness or other benefits and are typically the cheapest.


snap fitness

Price: $12.95+ per week

Sign Up Fee: $59.00 (it varies)

Contracts: Pay as you go OR
3, 6 and 12-Month Contacts

24/7 Access: Yes

Group Fitness: Quite Limited

Details: Snap Fitness is a basic, inexpensive, 24/7 gym chain with hundreds of locations across the world. If you’re wanting a simple membership with the fundamentals, Snap is a great option.

All members get access to a host of online classes that they can watch and do when at the facility or at home. They also have heart rate monitors available for members to use to keep track of their workout intensity as they go.

Starting at $12.95 per week, Snap is perhaps the cheapest gym chain membership we’ve come across.

Cons: At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. The facilities and equipment at Snap are pretty basic and aren’t very extensive. 

You may find yourself a little cramped and the facilities are often quite crowded during peak times.


Price: $9.95 – $14.95 per week

Sign Up Fee: $69.00

Contracts: Month to Month OR
12 & 18-month committment

24/7 Access: Yes

Group Fitness: Quite Limited

Details: Zap Fitness is an Australian-owned gym chain with a growing and extensive number of locations across the country.

Zap is your typical commercial gym facility, with a general array of machines, cardio equipment and some, but limited functional training spaces such as squat racks and platforms. You’ll also have access to the facility 24/7, which is a big plus.

Cons: Each Zap Fitness facility is very tightly packed and has limited equipment. The cheap price tag will also mean it gets pretty busy during the peak periods of the day.


plus fitness

Price: $13.95 – $16.95 per week*

Sign Up Fee: $78 – $128*

No Lock in Contracts: Available

24/7 Access: Yes, for majority of clubs

Group Fitness: Limited options

Details: Plus Fitness is an Australian chain of gyms with hundreds of locations, predominantly across NSW. You’ll have access to free programs, some functional classes, as well as the ability to visit all Plus Fitness locations 24/7.

They have a reasonable array of equipment, tidy facilities and are good value for money. If you’re looking for an entry-level gym that ticks most of the boxes without all the glitz and glam, Plus Fitness is a good option.

The no sign-up fee is also great for those not wanting to fork out large amounts of money upfront and in addition, Plus Fitness offer you the ability to suspend your membership for up to 3 months a year.

They also offer a free 7-day trial so that you can give the facility a go before you commit to signing up.

Cons: Plus Fitness are quite limited in space – they’re not the biggest facility and have the basics, rather than anything fancy. 


jetts fitness ringwood

Price: $14.95* 

Sign Up Fee: $89.00 + $79.00 (for fob)

Contracts: Pay as you go OR 12-Month Upfront Lump Sum

24/7 Access: Yes

Group Fitness: Quite Limited

Details: Jetts is an Australian gym chain with a growing number of locations across the world and is a good entry-level gym membership. The gyms certainly aren’t anything special, however, they’re tidy, open 24 hours a day, and a great choice if you’re just starting out in fitness and don’t need any extras.

I personally had a membership at Jetts for around 12 months a few years ago and I’d say that the experience was reasonable for the low price. I also signed up for a 12-month contract, which helped me to skip the sign-up fee and this decreased my weekly rate, which is a good option to consider.

Jetts do offer a new group fitness class known as ‘J-series’, however, you’ll need to pay extra each week for it.

Cons: The one extremely frustrating aspect of Jetts is the lack of space and equipment. In most clubs, there is only one squat rack, meaning only one person can be squatting or bench pressing at a time. We sometimes spent up to half an hour waiting for equipment.

It’s best to keep to non-peak times.


anytime fitness south melbourne

Price: $14.98 – $20.95 per week

Sign Up Fees: $99 + $69.95* for fob 

Contracts: Fixed (12 or 18 months) or ongoing contract

24/7 Access: Yes

Group Fitness: In some clubs, but very limited

Details: Anytime Fitness is a global gym franchise that really lead the charge with having the gym open 24/7. Anytime has a free weight area, plenty of machines and cardio equipment as well as a functional training and free weight area.

The great thing about Anytime is that they have hundreds of locations across Australia and can be found in even remote locations – it won’t take you long to find one near you. They also have well-kept and clean facilities with good showers and parking.

You should consider joining Anytime if you want a good all-rounder at a reasonable price, without all the bells and whistles.

Cons: They do have some group classes, however, they are very limited and aren’t nearly as extensive as those found in more expensive gyms. Most Anytime gyms we have visited have been pretty small in size, which means it can get fairly crowded during peak times. 


These gyms give you general access to their facility, as well as a host of group fitness classes. They are typically mid-range in price.


Price: $11.90 – $16.90 per week

Sign Up Fee: $59.00 (for access pass)

No Lock in Contracts: Available (fortnightly contract)

24/7 Access: Yes, for majority of clubs

Group Fitness: Yes

Details: Club Lime first opened their doors in the ACT in 2004 and are now one of the fastest-growing gym chains in Australia, sporting over 30,000 members. Club Lime is owned by Viva Leisure, who also owns the Plus Fitness and Fit n Fast franchises.

Club Lime prides themselves on being ‘more than a gym or training facility’ where you can be yourself without worrying about what’s going on around you. Each Club Lime has considerably different prices and offerings, so it’s best to check what your local facility has before joining up.

Club Lime has exceptional facilities and equipment for the price you’re paying – you’re getting great value for money.

Cons: There is considerable variation in pricing depending on location and level of membership, for instance, if you want to have access to multiple Club Lime locations, it’ll cost you $24.90 a week.

There are also not many Club Lime locations in some states yet, such as Victoria, with the majority of clubs in NSW and Queensland.


Price: $9.95 – $19.95 per week

Sign Up Fee: Up to $99 + $39.99 annual fee for ongoing contracts

No Lock in Contracts: Available

24/7 Access: No

Group Fitness: Yes, on peak or summit membership

Details: Crunch Fitness really has some character – it’s colourful, fun & exhilarating. They market themselves as being the original ‘no judgements’ gym, where they want people from all walks of life to feel comfortable and confident within their walls.

This is proved by their offer of every new member receiving a complimentary PT session. With their mid-tier membership and up, you’ll also have the ability to bring a friend to train with you. This makes Crunch a great option if you’re feeling a little nervous about getting started and would love some support, or even simply comradery as you get into your routine.

They have large open free weight areas as well as a wide host of upbeat classes such as Pound™, Zumba®, Strong by Zumba®, Body Shred™, Step, Cardio Tai Box, Ultimate Conditioning and Fat burning pilates. This is perhaps the cheapest gym we’ve seen with such a wide offering of classes.

Cons: There aren’t many locations of Crunch yet – they are still growing in Aus, so it might be difficult to find a Crunch near you.

Many members have complained online that the customer service at Crunch can be sub-par and that they are confused about some of the charges they’re receiving. Our advice would be to have a thorough look through the contract before you sign to ensure you know what you’ll be billed.


Price: $17.00 – $24.00* (home club access only)

Sign Up Fee: $99.00*

Contracts: Pre Paid (10 or 25 visit passes) or Lock-In

24/7 Access: Some

Group Fitness: Yes, extensive offerings

Details: With facilities in 16 countries and 60 centres across Australia, Fitness First is a premiere gym chain that’s perfect for gym-goers who want more of the bells & whistles. Their facilities are always super clean, the staff are very professional, and the gym floor area is always bigger and better than average.

You’ll have access to a wide range of fitness classes including zumba, yoga, pilates, HIIT, boxing, circuit, spin – the list really does go on. There’s also an extensive array of equipment and areas, including free weights, machines, cardio and independent training spaces, meaning you won’t be waiting for your favourite machine for long.

There are various membership levels that give you access to more and more clubs as you go up in price. Fitness First offers a 1-day free pass, redeemable before you consider committing to their membership contracts of 3, 12 or 18 months.

Cons: The price of Fitness First can really start to add up for some people, however, committing to longer contracts can help bring this down.

We have also seen a few issues with members struggling to cancel their memberships and have had bad experiences with customer service. Oftentimes, this is because they haven’t read their contract correctly.

Therefore, make sure you have a thorough understanding of what your contract entails, rather than just settling for the cheapest weekly rate. The varying levels of membership and pricing can also make it a little confusing for a new gym-goer to make a decision about what option to go for.


good life health clubs

Price: $17.99 – $27.99* per week

Sign Up Fee: $99.00*

No Lock in Contracts: Available

24/7 Access: Yes, for majority of clubs

Group Fitness: Yes, in abundance

Details: With over 80 locations across Australia and over 200, 000 members, Goodlife is a great option if you want to be able to try new things, have variety in your training, or simply want to take your training more seriously.

Each and every club is super clean, has plenty of space & extensive equipment, as well as over 60 unique and fun group fitness classes, such as Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, TRX, Cycle Class, HIIT, Boxing and more. You’ll also have access to the Kubofit app, which gives you hundreds, if not thousands of programs and sessions you can complete wherever you are.

Goodlife are offering 24/7 access at an increasing number of clubs and also have child minding services at some of their gyms. Memberships come in different levels and give you added benefits and access to different clubs as you go up in price. If you’re keen to try the facility, you can grab a 1-day pass for free!

Cons: We have seen a few issues with members struggling to cancel their memberships and have had bad experiences with customer service. Oftentimes, this is because they haven’t read their contract correctly.

Therefore, make sure you have a thorough understanding of what your contract entails, rather than just settling for the cheapest weekly rate.


Genesis Health and Fitness

Price: $14.50 – $20.00 per week

Sign Up Fee: $55.00 

No Lock in Contracts: Available

24/7 Access: At some locations

Group Fitness: Yes

Details: Genesis Fitness is an Australian owned gym chain that ‘are passionate about creating a fitness community that is inclusive, encouraging and empowering for everyone’. Every member receives a free fitness consultation and personal training session upon joining to help get them started.

Genesis’ pillars of health are based around the following:

1. Fitness (Cardiovascular health)

2. Strength & Toning (Muscular Health)

3. Weight Loss (Healthy Body Composition)

4. Wellness (Mental Health)

Genesis offers group fitness classes such as yoga, spin, boxing, tone & core and pilates, which vary between locations. If you’re keen to step it up, they also offer small group & nutrition training, branded as ‘the coaching zone’ for an extra cost.

Genesis have a 5-day free pass, which gives you plenty of time to get a taste of the facility. If you’re keen to join, you can either save by paying upfront, or opt for a fortnightly direct debit.

Cons: Personally, I’ve found Genesis to be very pushy when signing up new clients. I felt quite coerced when I first stepped foot in their facility to ask about gym membership. 


South Pacific Health Clubs Williamstown

Price: $19.95 – $37.00 per week

Sign Up Fee: $199.00

No Lock in Contracts: Available

24/7 Access: Yes, for majority of clubs

Group Fitness: Yes, in abundance

Details: South Pacific Health Clubs are a smaller chain of gyms located only in Victoria whose main point of difference is their ‘state-of-the-art’ facilities, equipment and offerings. Take one look and you’ll see that their gyms truely are a premier facility.

South Pacific pride themselves on offering a diverse range of new and innovative group fitness classes (500+) such as Virtual Cycle, Hot Yoga & Reformer Pilates, offered both in person and online. They place a high value on helping clients achieve their goals, by offering an initial consultation and individually designed program, which is updated every 8 weeks.

They also offer student discounts and a 5-day free trial for those wanting a little reassurance.

Cons: The sign up fee of $199 is pretty hefty and could be quite offputting for many new gym goers.


curves gym

Price: $20.50* per week

Sign Up Fee: $149.95

No Lock in Contracts: 6 Months Minimum Term

24/7 Access: No

Group Fitness: Yes, in abundance

Details: Curves is a female-only facility that combines strength, cardio and stretching – all packed into a 30-minute workout. Curves has been around for over 25 years and has helped millions of women across the globe to set up a fitness foundation for their future.

The big difference with Curves is that there’s always a coach at each training session to guide and support you, and you’ll also receive a personal training session each month to keep you on track to your goals.

Members absolutely love how Curves is a supportive community – providing encouragement, laugher and endless support. You’ll never feel lost or intimidated. You’ll also have access to various classes including boxing, balance, body basics and cardio to keep things fun and interesting.

Cons: Some members have complained that the facilities and training methods are a little outdated, focusing more on machines rather than free weights. A few members have said that although the environment is great, they have still struggled to lose weight and see success at Curves.



Price: Generally $18 – $28 per week

Sign Up Fee: Varies

No Lock in Contracts: Available

24/7 Access: No

Group Fitness: Generally, yes

Details: YMCA, or ‘the Y’, is a not-for-profit organisation that partner with local councils around Australia to run their fitness facilities, swimming lessons, childcare centers and youth services. 

Although each YMCA gym offers various membership types, most often it includes individualised fitness plans that are updated every six weeks. You’ll be given extensive time with a trainer who will perform a consultation, help you set goals, write up a program and take you through it.

YMCA memberships often also include access to a pool and various group fitness classes. 

Cons: In our experience, YMCA gyms can vary greatly in price, so make sure you check how much your local YMCA membership costs before signing up. Depending on location, some YMCA gyms are a little outdated. 


Price: $22.00 per week

Sign Up Fee: $199.00

No Lock in Contracts: Available

24/7 Access: Some

Group Fitness: Yes, in abundance

Details: Fernwood is a gym for women started in Bendigo, Victoria in 1989, spanning close to 70 clubs and 70 000 members. Their mission is to ’empower women to shine, by giving them the confidence they need to succeed in all they do’. 

You’ll get a bit of everything at Fernwood, with memberships including strength and weight training, state-of-the-art cardio equipment, high intensity exercise, group fitness classes to suit every style – from FIIT30 to tai chi to zumba, yoga and pilates (with some clubs offering reformer pilates too!), meditation and mindfulness.

They even offer free breakfast every morning, and most clubs have child-minding services (for an extra fee). You’ll also get access to a host of online resources for those times that you can’t quite make the trip to the gym.

Get started with 10 days for $10 pass to try out their great facility.

Cons: The sign-up fee is one of the more expensive one’s we’ve seen, coming in at $199.00. This may be quite offputting for some, however, you really are getting some great value at Fernwood with everything they have to offer.


Group Fitness gyms are not your general access facilities, instead, they are dedicated to a host of group fitness offerings. They are typically the most expensive.


Price: $54.50 per week*

Sign Up Fee: $0.00

Contracts: Month to Month

24/7 Access: No

Group Fitness: Yes, in abundance

Details: OrangeTheory Fitness is a rapidly growing gym chain started in USA and now making its mark here in Australia. OrangeTheory claims to guarantee maximum results from the inside out through a total-body group workout that combines science, coaching and technology. 

Each workout is strategically designed to ‘supercharge’ your metabolism in order to burn the most amount of calories possible not only during the workout but also in the following hours and days afterwards. Each workout is based around heart rate zones – you’ll aim to keep your heart rate in the ‘orange’ zone’ for 12-20 minutes each workout – hence the term ‘OrangeTheory’.

Each workout consists of a combination of rowing, cardio and strength exercises to achieve this. Want to see what it’s all about? OrangeTheory offer a free pass for you to get a taste of what it’s like.

Cons: OrangeTheory is a very different gym to what most people are used to. It’s darker than usual, has orange lighting and almost has ‘nightclub’ vibes. 

Some people may absolutely love this, but others may find it a little too much. We highly recommend trialling before signing up to see if OrangeTheory is for you. 


Price: ~$50 – $70 per week

Sign Up Fee: Sometimes

No Lock in Contracts: Available

24/7 Access: No

Group Fitness: Yes

Details: CrossFit isn’t actually a gym ‘chain’, it’s actually a branded fitness regime, meaning that independent gyms around the world offer Crossfit as a service. Although they are becoming less popular, you can still find many CrossFit gyms in Australia and they’re a heap of fun and an incredible challenge!

CrossFit is named the ‘sport of fitness’ and for good reason. It’s competitive, requires high levels of skill and participants can compete at high levels, with some even attending the annual ‘CrossFit games’ in the USA. The great news, is that anyone can give CrossFit a shot!

Crossfit is a combination of Olympic weightlifting movements, functional strength training, gymnastics, cardio and HIIT. You’ll get stronger, fitter, more resilient and will learn a lot!

Cons: CrossFit has been critisised for trying to progress beginners too quickly, almost ‘throwing them in the deep end’. Therefore, we recommend having a few months of consistent strength training behind you before getting stuck into Crossfit.


Price: $59 per week

Sign Up Fee: $0.00

No Lock in Contracts: Available

24/7 Access: No

Group Fitness: Yes

Price/wk: $59.00

Signup Fee: No

24/7: No

Classes: Yes

Details: 12RND Fitness is a boutique-style group fitness gym whose biggest x-factor is the ability for members to commence a class at any time, which is great for people who want more flexibility with their training times. 

Each class involves 12 x 3-minute rounds with a big emphasis on boxing, cardio and basic strength. At least one of the 12 rounds has you spending time working 1 on 1 with a coach on your boxing technique.

The class sizes are smaller than most other group fitness classes, with numbers around 15-20 people. 12RND is a lot more intimate than other, larger group fitness classes.

Cons: Because members start and finish the workout at any time, it almost feels like each person is exercising ‘next to’ each other, rather than ‘with’ each other. You don’t exactly feel like you are on a journey with other members as everyone is at a different point in their workout, which can limit the social interaction between members.


Price: $65.00 per week

Sign Up Fee: $0.00

No Lock in Contracts: Available

24/7 Access: No

Group Fitness: Yes, in abundance

Details: Body Fit Training is the functional strength training sibling of F45, with big class sizes, an electric atmosphere, and a focus on high-quality training with well-chosen exercises and movements. Although we didn’t see many heavy lifts taking place, the emphasis is definitely focused on compound strength exercises.

Just a warning, this place is addictive – it’s an environment that leaves you wanting more as it’s easy to build relationships with others and gives you an awesome adrenaline rush. The coaches are motivating, engaging and always happy to give advice in between sets and sessions. They’re also very knowledgable about compound movements and how to teach them properly.

Cons: Body Fit is one of the more expensive gym memberships out there, however, if you’re attending regularly it really cuts the cost down per class.

This environment may be a little intimidating for brand new gym-goers, so we recommend having a few months of experience with weight training to really get the most out of it.


Price: $60.00 -$65.00 per week

Sign Up Fee: $0.00

No Lock in Contracts: Available

24/7 Access: No

Group Fitness: Yes, in abundance

Details: F45 training is a high energy, community & comradery focused, 45-minute blast. It’ll have your muscles burning, lungs blowing and adrenaline flowing. The exercises are simple and easy to learn, the class sizes are large and the training is strength-endurance and HIIT based.

It’s a community that keeps you coming back for more because it’s so damn fun, exhilarating and social. In fact, Canstar found that F45 training customers were the most satisfied gym members for three years in a row when compared to other gym chains.

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at F45 and especially loved having the ability to wear a heart rate monitor to track our effort throughout the workout.

Cons: For around $65 a week, it’s certainly on the more expensive side, however, if you’re invested and attend regularly, the health and social benefits are priceless. E.g. if you attend classes 6 days per week it ends up being just over $10 per session.

The environment is pretty fast-paced, so can be a little hard to keep up if you’re a brand new gym-goer. We recommend having some basic strength training under your belt before diving into F45 training – even a few personal training sessions will do!