Gyms in Tamworth

Today you’re going to gain some deeper insight into the best Gyms in Tamworth, NSW so you don’t waste time and money researching for hours online, or joining a gym you end up hating.

We help new gym-seekers join a gym that’s the right fit, for the best possible price.

– Pat & Dan | Get Gym Fit




Sign Up Fee



Active Fitness Tamworth

$15.95 +

$70 + $19 (24/7 Access Key)



Pink Battalion

$24.95 -$54.95

Enquire on their website



F45 Training Tamworth

~ $65.00




Anytime Fitness Tamworth

$14.98 - $16.37

$99 + $69.95 (for fob)



Curves Gym Tamworth





* The prices and information shown in this article should be viewed as a general guide only as it can vary depending on location, how long you commit for, promotions and can also change over time. We do our best to ensure our content is up to date, however, you should always confirm prices and membership details before signing up.

Active Fitness Tamworth

Price: $15.95 per week +

Sign Up Fee: $70 + $19 (24/7 Access Key)

No Lock in Contracts: Available

24/7 Access: Yes

Group Fitness: Limited

Active Fitness Tamworth is an independent facility that’s the ‘everyday gym for everyday athletes’. They offer specialised HIIT,  strength and body composition, qualified personal trainers and supportive staff. 

Memberships start at $15.95 per week on a longer term contract, but no lock in contracts are also available. It’s a great option if you’re looking a well-priced facility with a well equiped gym.


Price: $24.95 – $54.95 per week

Sign Up Fee: Enquire on their website

No Lock in Contracts: 1 Month Min

24/7 Access: No

Group Fitness: Yes

At Pink Battalion Fitness, they do things a little differently. They don’t do traditional cardio. They don’t run, spin, sprint or row. They do none of it! All they do is lift! Pink Battalion is an inclusive and supportive space for all women to become fierce, fit and strong.

Memberships cost between $24.95 and $54.95 per week depending on what offerings you’re opting for. It’s perfect for any woman wanting to learn how to lift weights properly and see some terrific results with their body!



*The photos above are for illustrative purpose only and are not actual photos of the Tamworth location.

Price: $60.00 -$65.00 per week

Sign Up Fee: $0.00

No Lock in Contracts: Available

24/7 Access: No

Group Fitness: Yes, in abundance

F45 training is a high energy, community & comradery focused, 45-minute blast. It’ll have your muscles burning, lungs blowing and adrenaline flowing. The exercises are simple and easy to learn, the class sizes are large and the training is strength-endurance and HIIT based.

For around $65 a week, it’s certainly on the more expensive side, however, if you’re invested and attend regularly, the health and social benefits are priceless. It’s a community that keeps you coming back for more.


anytime fitness south melbourne

*The photos above are for illustrative purpose only and are not actual photos of the Tamworth location.

Price: $14.98 – $16.37 per week

Sign Up Fee: $99.00 + $69.95 for fob

No Lock in Contracts: Available

24/7 Access: Yes

Group Fitness: Limited

Anytime Fitness is a global gym franchise that really lead the charge with having the gym open 24/7. Anytime has a free weight area, plenty of machines and cardio equipment as well as a functional training and free weight area.

The great thing about Anytime is that they have hundreds of locations across Australia and can be found in even remote locations – it won’t take you long to find one near you. They also have well-kept and clean facilities with good showers and parking.

You should consider joining Anytime if you want a good all-rounder at a reasonable price, without all the bells and whistles.

They do have some group classes, however, they are very limited and aren’t nearly as extensive as those found in more expensive gyms. Most Anytime gyms we have visited have been pretty small in size, which means it can get fairly crowded during peak times. 


curves gym

*The photos above are for illustrative purpose only and are not actual photos of the Tamworth location.

Price: $22.50 per week

Sign Up Fee: $149.00

No Lock in Contracts: 6- Month Min

24/7 Access: No

Group Fitness: Yes

Curves is a female-only facility that combines strength, cardio and stretching – all packed into a 30-minute workout. Curves has been around for over 25 years and has helped millions of women across the globe to set up a fitness foundation for their future.

The big difference with Curves is that there’s always a coach at each training session to guide and support you, and you’ll also receive a personal training session each month to keep you on track to your goals.

Members absolutely love how Curves is a supportive community – providing encouragement, laugher and endless support. You’ll never feel lost or intimidated. You’ll also have access to various classes including boxing, balance, body basics and cardio to keep things fun and interesting.


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