Jetts is an Australian gym chain started in 2007, and has since grown to over 180 locations and 200,000 members. They're a great fit if you want a low-budget gym that has 24/7 access and basic equipment and offerings.

Price: $14.95* 

Sign Up Fee: $89.00 + $79.00 (24/7 Access Pass)

No Lock Contracts: Available

24/7 Access: Yes

Group Fitness: Limited


Today you’re going to gain some deeper insight into Jetts Fitness so you have a better understanding as to whether it’s the right fit for you and your situation.

We help fitness beginners get their gym journey started and feel confident throughout the process. 

Here’s our review of Jetts Fitness, let’s dive in.

– Pat & Dan | Get Gym Fit

About Jetts Fitness

Jetts Fitness is an Australian grown gym chain, founded in Helensvale, Queensland in 2007 by husband and wife team, Brendon and Cristy Levenson. Jetts Fitness set out to revolutionise the fitness industry by focussing on the customer first, being one of the first gyms in Australia with 24/7 access, no lock in contracts and low membership fees. Understanding that joining the gym can be a daunting experience, so they pride themselves on being a welcoming environment from the moment you walk in.

Jetts has since become a market leader with over 250 gyms and 200,000 members worldwide. Jetts Fitness has everything you need get started on your fitness journey.

Jetts’ Fitness pillars of health are based around:

⇒ Holistic Health and Wellness (Cardiovascular and Muscular health)
⇒ Positively Impacting the Community
⇒ Offering an Affordable and Accessible Gym Membership
⇒ Offering a Welcoming and Member Focussed Gym Experience.

What was my experience like?

I was a member at Jetts Fitness in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne for nearly two years. Jetts Fitness provided everything a young gym goer needed. Basic equipment, 24/7 access, convenience and all for a low price.

Here’s what I like most about Jetts Fitness:

✓ Extremely clean environment. Jetts Fitness are small gym but they absolutely make the most of the space, packing as much equipment as possible into each fitness centre.  

✓ All Jetts Fitness facilities are open 24/7.

✓ A membership at Jetts Fitness will give you access to all their facilities across so that you can train anytime and anywhere.

✓ Flexible contract for a good price ($14.95 per week), with the ability to cancel at any time.

✓ Non-intimidating environment with most other members pursuing general health and fitness at a beginner to intermediate level.

✓ Jetts Fitness was great value for money. Especially being a university student during my tenure at Jetts Fitness, so the low price was a massive plus!  

Here are some of the limitations I noticed about Jetts Fitness:

✗ The range of equipment is limited and the clubs are very small in space, meaning it gets very busy and congested during peak times of the day.

✗ Jetts Fitness have a limited range of classes. Only offering their class membership J-Series at a selected locations for an additional $19.95 per week. Many other large franchise gyms offer unlimited classes (Zumba, Yoga, Pump) with their basic membership.

Is Jetts Fitness Open 24 Hours?

Jetts Fitness offers 24/7 access at all of their clubs. Allowing you to access any of their clubs with a single membership.

Jetts Fitness Staffed Hours

In order to sign up to Jetts Fitness, you will need to visit during their staffed hours in order to receive your access pass and get started. Here is a general guide for when Jetts Fitness is staffed. Please keep in mind that staffed hours vary by location, so check your local facility for more specific information.

Here’s a general guide as to when Jetts Fitness is Staffed.

Monday to Thursday: 6:00am – 9:00pm, 4pm – 7pm

Friday: 6:00am – 8:00pm

Saturday: 6:00am – 4:00pm

Sunday: 7:00am – 4:00pm

Jetts Fitness Pricing

A membership at Jetts Fitness cost $14.95 per week + sign up fees for 24/7 access card for no lock in contract.

12-months upfront you will $649.00 + sign up fees. This works out to be around $12.5 per week. 

Jetts Fitness also offer a J-Series membership at select locations for classes/group fitness for $34.90 per week.

Jetts Fitness Sign Up Fee

Jetts Fitness has an $89 sign up fee as well as an additional $79 fee to set up your 24/7 access pass. This brings the total sign up cost to a total of $168.

There are ways to avoid the sign-up cost such as during promotions or signing up for a 12-month contract.

Jetts Fitness Equipment and Facilities

Jetts Fitness has a uniform selection of equipment across all their clubs. Keeping in mind it does vary between locations. Jetts Fitness are extremely clean and uniform by nature.

As a minimum you can expect:

  • Cardio equipment area including bikes, treadmills, cross-trainers and rowers
  • Free weight area with benches and dumbbells
  • A small barbell area including bars, plates and squat cages/racks
  • Machine section with multiple pin and weight loaded equipment
  • Change rooms, showers, lockers and reception area/lounge

Jetts Compared to Other Gym Chains

Here’s how Jetts stacks up against other well known gym chains.

Gym Price/Wk Sign Up Fee 24/7? Classes?
Snap Fitness $12.95+ ~ $59.00 Yes Limited
Zap Fitness $9.95 – $14.95 $69.00 Yes Limited
Plus Fitness $13.95 + $78 – $128 Yes Limited
Jetts Fitness $14.95 $89 + $79 (for fob) Yes Limited
Anytime Fitness $14.98 – $20.95 $99 + $69.95 (for fob) Yes Limited
Club Lime $9.95 – $22.00 $59.00 Most Yes
Crunch Fitness $9.95 – $19.99 Up to $99  No Yes
Fitness First $17.00 + $99.00 No  Yes
Goodlife Health Clubs $13.95 – $27.99 $99.00 Most Yes
Genesis Fitness $9.95 – $20.00 $99.00 Some Yes
South Pacific Health Clubs $19.95 – $37.00 Up to $199.00 Most Yes
Curves Gym $13.70  $149.95 No Yes
YMCA ~ $18.00 – $28.00 Varies No Yes
Fernwood Fitness $22.00 $199.00 Some Yes
OrangeTheory $54.50 No No Yes
Crossfit Gyms ~$50.00 – $70.00 Usually no Usually no Yes
12RND Fitness $59.00 No No Yes
Body Fit Training $65.00 No No Yes
F45 Training ~ $65.00 No No Yes

* PLEASE NOTE: The prices and information shown in this article should be viewed as a general guide only – prices can vary depending on location, how long you commit for, promotions and can also change over time. We do our best to ensure our content is up to date, however, you should always confirm prices and membership details before signing up.

Jetts Promotions and Special Offers

Jetts do offer promotions several times a year – most often these involve waiving of sign up fees. Keep an eye out for these on their website.

Joining Jetts with a partner reduces the cost per week from $14.95 to $12.95.

During my experience at Jetts, I also received a ‘bonus’ free month for every friend I got to join up, which helped me add a couple of months of membership for free.

Does Jetts Fitness Have Classes?

Jetts do offer classes, known as J-Series at a select clubs. J-Series is a 30-minute, high-intensity session combination of cardio and strength exercises ‘designed to burn fat and get fast results’.

A J-Series membership is available for $34.95 per week giving you access to unlimted classes each week.

Can I use my Jetts Fitness Membership at any Location?

Yes, you can use your Jetts Fitness membership at any location. 
Be sure to have your 24/7 access pass on you to make sure you can gain access to any club outside of staffed hours.

How do I Cancel my Jetts Fitness Membership?

In order to cancel your Jetts Fitness membership, you have two options:

  1. Go to your home Jetts Fitness during staffed hours and fill out the cancellation form. 
  2. If you are unable to go into your home club, you will have to send an email or registered letter requesting to cancel.

Once completed, you’ll receive a confirmation email.


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