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Choosing a gym is overly complicated.

You don't know which service is actually going to help.

You're going around in circles researching gyms.

You don't want to lock yourself into something.

You feel intimidated by the gym environment.

Don't get ripped off by a sales-driven gym chain.

We care about you and your fitness goals.

1. Book in with One of Our Gym Confidence Coaches

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  • Sign up for that gym membership you'd always hoped to start.
  • Take control of your physical fitness once and for all.
  • Finally take the steps to make your health a priority..

How our coaching service works:

During your FREE initial strategy call, your coach will get to know your fitness goals, current state of health and personality.

Then our team gets to work, researching and speaking with local gym providers to find the ideal gym for your situation.

After 48 hours your coach will meet back with you with an individually tailored fitness plan and gym shortlist.

From here, you'll be given the opportunity to trial your shortlisted gyms to get a feel for which one is right.

Finally, you'll make your conclusive decision and be connected with your ideal gym membership.

Here's what previous clients have to say.

My Gym Confidence Coach is a meticulous coach, he made adjustments to suit my needs. He constantly seeks my feedback about my program, and supervises me to perfect my form. Now 3 years passed, I still appreciated my first coach who cultivated my interest to lift weights.


From lacking confidence and knowledge in the gym when I first began, to now feeling confident to lift weights and use an array of equipment and train by myself, my 
Gym Confidence Coach
 helped me learn how to navigate the sign up process and created the perfect program for my needs.


My Gym Confidence Coach was always supportive and empathetic. He was always able to meet me where I was at and provide possible solutions and encouragement at each step of the journey. If you are someone who had never been to a gym or had a long absence then I would strongly recommend this service for getting sustainable success.